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SelectaColor© produces brilliant color prints and placques on wood, metal, plastics, paper and most other materials. No darkroom or special equipment is needed– only sunlight or a halogen bulb for exposure.

SelectaColor consists of solid pigments, not fugitive dyes, so prints are permanent. Colors can be blended together for intermediate hues, and applied in sequence for multicolor prints.
The SelectaColor process consists of just three steps performed under diffuse room light:
1. Brush on SelectaColor.
2. Expose through a transparency.
3. Develop with running water to reveal the brilliant positive image.
Uses of SelectaColor:
Color prints on paper and other materials.
Labels, nameplates, placques on metal, wood and glass.
Quick-color proofs.
Four-Color Kit includes 4 oz.(120 cc’s)
each of black, red, yellow and blue.

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1 quart, 1 pound, 0.5 pint


White, Black, Yellow, Blue, Red, Clear


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