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Use Pyrofoto to print photographic images on ceramic and fire in a kiln. Pyrofoto images consist of permanent majolica glazes, and can be used indoors and outdoors in wet and dry conditions without fading, and also for food service.
No darkroom or special equipment is needed– only sunlight or a halogen bulb for exposure. To apply, brush the color of your choice onto the ceramic piece. Let it dry, then expose through a transparency to create a firable color image. Pyrofoto is lead-free and dishwasher safe. Choose from the colors below, or use Pyrofoto Clear plus your own color stain or glaze.
Four-Color Kit includes 4 oz.(120 cc’s) each of black, red, yellow and blue.

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Add a photographic dimension to your ceramic art. With Rockland’s Pyrofoto, you can print and fire photographs, drawings and computer scans onto ceramics or glass. No darkroom or special equipment is needed– only a bright halogen bulb or direct sunlight for exposure.Mix Pyrofoto sensitizer with any liquid glaze (bought separately) then expose through an inkjet or laser transparency and develop with cool water. The image that results is then kiln-fired. Pyrofoto does not contain harmful elements that can affect glaze safety.

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