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    • Blueprints
    • $26.95
    • All you need is sunlight. As the name implies, Blueprints are a rich cyan blue, so are also named Cyanotypes. A transparency or drawing on clear plastic is laid over paper or cloth coated with blueprint solution, sunlight (or a halogen bulb)exposes it, and running water is all that's needed to make it permanent.
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    • FA-1 Sensitizer
    • $31.45
    • An all-in-one alternative sensitizer, FA-1 gives warm black images on paper and cloth. On paper, it can be used for a variety of classical processes including van Dykes (also called brownprints) and kallitypes (that resemble platinum prints.) On t-shirts, it gives a permanent image that does not stiffen the cloth. FA-1 is handled under room light, and requires a negative…
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